Hello Everyone! Scene #22-2 is the 2nd Release in a big basket of Scenes that I shot with this SUPER HOT Amateur Latina Model. ALL of her Scenes have been Creampie's to date EXCEPT #22-4 which is a BlowJob Video. To put it eloquently, #22-4 is the ONLY Video that does not have me busting a nutt up in her. #22-5 is shot in REALLY good 4K (3840x2160) with a new camera I bought and overall it is actually pretty creative. I got the idea to create a 'dream sequence' where she is playing with herself and imagining she's getting fucked The Scene goes back and for the from 'dream' to 'reality'. She is playing with herself in the bedroom and imagining she's being fucked in a completely different location. The Scene is 100% POV with zero talking. It came out really good I think, and I'm very happy with it! The first Scene that was released from the basket of videos she shot is #22-1 and that is a standard multi-camera 18auditions edit. You can find that on my profiles, along with the 5+ Hour UnCut Bundle from that Scene! Please search for all of her other Scene numbers below! Thank you very much!